Meet the Artisan Participants

Meet some of Austin’s most talented Artisans and Artists, see their work and learn about their inspiration.  Here is just a sample of the people you’ll meet!   Back to main event page >>


4th-edition-credenzaHandmade, Custom Furniture

Matt Andersen
Founder and Designer

4th Edition Design
4th Edition Design envisions and manufactures functional masterpieces made for generations of inspired living. Original ideas that fuse timeless design concepts, hand-selected materials and the aesthetics of the modern home are brought to life through a 100% American-made process that instills pride in ownership.


planets_stainedglasswindowpanel_1Custom Stained Glass and Mosaic

Jacob Slater
Michelle McDaniel

Founders and Designers

Masterpiece Glass
Quality craftsmanship and impeccable composition are the guiding principles behind each and every creation that we design and build. We create original stained glass art that encapsulates each individual style and taste; whether commissioned or found in our studio- no two designs will ever be the same.



AliciaEmr_ArtAdvisory_CMYKFine Art Showcase Curated by Alicia Emr Art Advisory

Alicia Emr Art Advisory works with individual and corporate clients to acquire artwork that fits their taste, space and collecting goals. We develop a custom acquisition strategy for each client and offer full services that accompany the purchase of a work of art. We believe that building an art collection should be enjoyable, not intimidating. The perfect work of art is the one that speaks to you and aligns with your overall objectives for collecting. Let us use our expertise and network to help you find the art you love.


elisa-gomez-artist-sampleMixed Media on Canvas

Elisa Gomez

Elisa Gomez Fine Art
Working primarily in mixed media on canvas, Elisa Gomez wields her materials with the skill of a practiced fine artist while nonetheless composing her canvases with the ease of a studied art historian. Evidenced by a few discernible, well-executed, and discrete operations, her working mode transposes the schema and aesthetic of both European and American Abstract Expressionism with a studied sensitivity particular to her training and practice. Gomez demonstrates a playful attention to color, texture, and surface.


MariaMartin2015 (002)Watercolor on Canvas

Maria Martin

Maria Martin Art 

Maria Martin is an Artist and Interior Designer living in Austin, Texas.  After over a decade working exclusively in the realm of Interior Design, Maria’s grasp of color and texture is translated into paintings. Her pieces are watercolors painted on canvas with levels and dimensions of opaque media to contrast and compliment the character of the primary media.   She graduated the University of Texas at Austin  with a degree in Interior Design and a concentration in Studio Art.



Caroline Wright

Caroline Wright Art

A native Austinite, Caroline Wright graduated from Brown in 2004 with a double major in Visual Art and Art History.  She is interested in the emotional responses that happen when color, sound, and movement translate each other. Her paintings are rhythmic and lyrical, exuberant and contemplative. Caroline uses the temporal nature of music to unlock the time-based aspect of painting, both in the private process of her studio and drawing before an audience, where the process itself becomes the subject. She enjoys collaborating with dancers, musicians, and filmmakers, always looking for new ways to communicate with immediacy and bring the viewer into the process. Her work conveys a sense of freedom, immediacy, and joy.


the-tufted-door-sampleCustom-made Upholstered Furniture

Rosemary Neary and Jonathan Galvao
Founders and Designers

The Tufted Door
We offer the most eco-friendly custom furniture on the market with no fire retardant chemicals!   The tufted door proudly features custom furniture & bars by Resin Rose Sustainable Furniture, where each piece is carefully handcrafted with love.





megan-zavaleta-artistMixed Media

Megan Zavaletta

Megan Zavaletta Gallery

Her innovative work in the interior design and remodeling industries has fueled her organic integration of mixed media into unique paintscapes that capture the imagination through creative movement.

Megan utilizes unorthodox materials to sculpt her dimensional pieces on custom constructed plywood canvases. She then adds color in varying sheens to further the layering and depth perceived, as lighting and shadows play over its texture.


j-felton-woodworkHandmade, Custom Furniture

James Graham
Founder and Designer

J Felton Design

With every design James brings more than two decades of artistic vision, endeavor and accomplishment to the drawing board. Whether making a headboard from hundreds of small pieces of reclaimed wood or building a coffee table using large slabs of mesquite, he approaches his work with skill and passion. James hopes you will enjoy his creations as much as he has enjoyed designing and building them.

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