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Just four days away!  Lots to do but we’ll be ready for the big Grand Opening Bash!


Just two more weeks till the Grand Opening!  As you can see…there’s a lot to do.  But we’re confident it’s going to be done in time, even if it means we’re painting the night before.



We’ve got the keys!  We’re finalizing the details with our contractor and hope to get started on our buildout soon.  And we’ve been doing some shopping, whoopee!  Check out some of our selections.



Coming along!  Inspections are this week and we’re hoping to take possession soon.  Then the fun starts!  We will move in to an empty box (with bathrooms) and we’ll be laying flooring, building office walls and adding finishing touches.  Lots of work to be done, but we’ve got a dedicated team to help.

Nice big windows; can't wait to take down the blinds!

Nice big windows; can’t wait to take down the blinds!

This will be the mailroom and office supply area.

This will be the mailroom and office supply area.

Nice big hole in the ground; trenching for the new kitchen.

Nice big hole in the ground; trenching for the new kitchen.

Grand Opening Scheduled!

Save the Date: Saturday, April 11th

Details to come

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Just got back from a construction meeting, we’re so excited to be seeing this become a reality!  The contractor is putting up a demising wall and building bathrooms; we will take possession on February 1st.  After that the real work begins, we have to turn an empty concrete box in to a state-of-the-art, uber-chic workspace!  We’ve got some basic design guidelines, but we’re now working to select the actual materials.



We’ve had great support from some local vendors and we were very excited to go to ProSource Wholesale Flooring to pick out our floor material.  We selected this gorgeous CoreTex vinyl (you’d never guess!) in Hickory.  Then on to the Sherwin Williams store on Burnet to select the paint; we decided to stay simple with their Cashmere product in Snowbound.










Thanks ProSource and Sherwin Williams for helping us make the Workroom a reality!

We’re planning for our Grand Opening Bash in April, we’ll announce the exact date soon.  Stay tuned!



The lease is signed! We can now announce that our address will be 11,100 Metric, suite 100B.  Some before pictures below, you can see we have a lot of work to do!

We hope to be able to take possession of the space by the first of the year, at which point we’ll begin our preliminary build-out.  We’d like to be functional by early February.  Did someone say “optimistic”?  Yes, but we’ve got such a great group of supporters we think it can happen!

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10/10/14 – We’ve found a space we like and are in lease negotiations! We’ll announce the location as soon as we’ve finalized the details.


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