2017 Color Trends

colormix-2017Hello friends!  I got to attend the Sherwin-Williams Colormix presentation yesterday and thought I’d share some of the highlights.

See the official 2017 Sherwin-Williams Color Forecast

Sherwin-Williams does this every year; they look at design, fashion, social and cultural trends and come up with several palettes that represent the mood for the coming year.  Did you know they have a Director of Color Marketing??? Is that not the best job in the world?

This year they had four; Noir, Holistic, Intrepid and Unbounded. Although all the palettes are quite different, one thing I noticed is that all the colors had a bit of earthiness to them; many  seemed to have a bit of burnt umber, making them seem richer.

The one I thought was most delicious was Noir, full of deep greens, purples and blues.  It was inspired by night, and a backlash to the constantly glowing screens and lights we’re exposed to (I’m paraphrasing here…).

Check out this swanky room, isn’t that deep teal green to die for?








Looks like we’ll have a lot of fun colors to play with this year,  so go out and paint something!


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