Pro-Tip Tuesday: Lamps – Go Big Or Go Home

goddess-lampsI was chatting with Workroom member Ginger Maney (of Home Designed Interiors) the other day, and the topic came up about design pet peeves. Ginger’s immediate response was “tiny lamps!” Now if you know Ginger, she’s very talented and also very definitive. If she says tiny lamps are the worst thing since the Barcalounger then I figured I’d better tell you all about it.
tiny-pineapple-lampBut before I got all high and mighty, I looked around my own house to make sure I wasn’t guilty of TIL (Tiny Lamp Syndrome). I figured I’d get a pass for little brass one in the study, because it’s ah-doorbell (as Ginger would say) and also because it’s proportionate to the space. But I spotted an offender, right there on the buffet. I switched it out for a larger one and it looks much better, although I think I could probably even go bigger.


too-small-lamp medium-lamp









Here are a few examples of appropriately-sized lamps.


bedside-lamps-cropped-400v magnolia-lamps-cropped-400t










Still flummoxed?  Luckily there’s a professional right around the corner!  Give Home Designed Interiors a call and Ginger will cure you from TIL, with no scary side effects.








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