Pro-Tip Tuesday: Bringing Light to Baths and Closets

clerestory window bath Who likes a dark closet or bathroom?  A dreary get-ready space exposes you to risk of showing up at work in mismatched shoes or lopsided eyeliner, which, while I agree are first-world problems, are certainly some of the avoidable ones.

I was discussing this with Workroom member Jen Hill of CDK Architects the other day; just one of the many pressing issues we deal with at the Workroom on a daily basis.  Jen said that one of the best solutions was to include a clerestory window.

What is a clerestory window, you ask? And, how do I pronounce it when I am asking for one?  Simply, a clerestory window is a high opening (above eye height) that lets in light and/or air to a room.  It is pronounced clear story.  Jen often includes them in her designs, and she shared some (gorgeous) examples with me.


skylight shower Glengarryskylight closet Glengarry bathroom clerestory Bowman

Imagine getting ready in one of these light-flooded spaces!  You’d emerge sartorially matched, artfully made up and ready to take on the world.

But Anita, you wonder, I am not building a custom home right now, can I add clerestory windows to my existing bathroom?  Well the answer is yes, but the easiest way to do them is to fit them in-between the existing studs, like I have them in my house (see photo at end).  This is a LOT easier (and cheaper) than cutting and reinforcing the studs for a longer window.

So, ready to shed some light on your morning routine?  Give Jen a call and get started!

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